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Welcome to the NW Raptor Rally AT Winchester Bay Oregon May 17th 18th and 19th 2012.

Please remember to support SaveTheRidersDunes.com and help save are dunes.

2012 is off to a great start with a complete Turbo kit donated to this year’s rally by D7 Racing.

Dinner is at 6:15PM Saturday the 19th right after the Group photo at 5:30PM. The photo will be at the very north end of the dune’s Just look for my blue raptor and lots of other raptors around, also there will be information post at group site D

Campfire meet and greet Friday from 7PM to 8PM at Group site D. Several shops will help explain and answer any questions. The different shop owners will be introduced and after that you will be able to hang out with them and just talk about Raptors or? It will be a good time.

Show and Shine from 12PM to 1PM Staging at 11:30AM Saturday Located at group site D and prizes for different categories and a very nice Award to best of show. Awards will be given out at the raffle to the winners. Link below to to SHOW AND SHINE INFORMATION AND RULES.


All rides are at your own risk and I clame No responsibility for your safety waver must be signed and will be in group site D.
Everyone should read all Federal, State, County, and city laws on and off the dunes as they will apply. This includes a REQUIRED OREGON SAFETY CARD that can take over 30 days to receive after completing the test. Please see more information at http://www.rideatvoregon.org/

List of rally rides
Family Fun Ride at 11AM Friday; this is the ride for the wife and kids. Will run along the flats to the trails next to the beach and back to camp. Easy fun ride.

Fun Ride Friday at 5 PM: 4 finger ride not for the unsure with tree shots at the end. Advanced riders.

Poker run Saturday at 9AM staging at 8:30 AM waver must be signed. more information to be posted but top 3 hands will win a prize.

Fun Ride Sunday 11 AM: Family Ride along the trails next to the beach then back on the flats along a ridge to a high view point then back to camp. Easy ride some small hills. This ride is dependant on turnout.

There will be a raffle at the dinner after the photo; you must show up for the photo to get a free raffle ticket and be at the dinner to win. We had some great prizes last year donated by many vendors and I think 2011 will be just as good.

Link to FDL Racing T Shirt information for 2011 will get new link posted for 2012 when time arrives. http://www.raptorforum.com/forums/sh...565#post889565

2012 Donations
D7 Racing stepped up during 2011 rally and announced that they will be donating a full turbo kit to the 2012 NW Raptor Rally, the kit will be raffled off for $1 per ticket, $5 for 6 tickets or $20 for 25 tickets. Every cent will go back into supporting the NW Raptor rally. Also D7 will be donating other items as well. Thank you so much for this outstanding donation.

Through D7 Racing, Lance at SLC Quad Customs has donated a bare +4 raptor 700 swing arm. Outstanding

Mid Valley Metal Works AKA Powder coater (Full Powder Coating of frame and parts) and $150 for permit Very nice donation

HDD Motor Sports is donating a Cuervo Racing stock valve port/polish (1 head any model) and a CAMSHAFT donation HDD5050 or HDD5150 for 700Thank You HDD WWW.HIGHDESERTDYNO.COM

White Knuckle Racing (54mm Throttle Body) Outstanding Thank you WK

MonsterQuad:1 Extream single Core Drag Pipe and other items. This will be a new pipe for 2012. Wow Paul just outstanding Thank You

Ragged Edge performance will be donating a Carbon fiber coated cover kit, this kit looks outstanding and is a very nice donation.
Thank you Tony raggededgeperformance.com

Brandon Moore at Ramsey Waite Co will be supporting the Raptor Rally again this year, Donations to be posted soon. Thank You Ramsey Waite

King of Bling Racing is donating $100 cash prize and Dyno tune at OCP. You are the King Mr bling Just outstanding.

OCP Formerly Craz E Dealz will also be donating a Dyno tune. Thank you again for another great donation.

Direct Drive will be donating the prized NW Raptor Rally Engraved Plate. Outstanding Direct Drive.

Thank You, $100.00 from our riding group Site C (The Bates, Powelson, Ladd, Imus and Dawson Families) Way cool and a big help out.

Also The donation of $100.00 for Rally expenses from Don, Vickie and Michael Bates.....aka Sandaddy `s Family Every penny will be well used to go back to the NW Raptor Rally, Thank You.

Xtreme Motorworks is donating a Fly racing helmet, fly racing gloves and some xtreme motorworks clothing. Thay are going to try and round up some more stuff as well. Thank You Willie

.....Racers Edge will again this year sponsor a CNC Port & Polish for a Raptor 700.....Over a $500.00 value !
Winner may select valve sizing (+1 or +2) and intake port matched to the throttle body of their choice....also will clearance for cam if the winner desires ! Valves, springs and cam not included....but, John will supply at a great price. Way to go John and thank you for your support.

English Racing will be donating 2 dyno tunes and 10 shirts this year along with helping out with food. Thank you for your support Lucas

Carlson Motorsports will again be a sponsor for the 2012 Rally....They will donate some billet 660 stuff like they did for 2010 as well as something else to be determined. Thank You Carlson.

Kids Grand Prize Duratrax Evader EXT2 1/10th Scale Stadium Truck donated by Chris and Georginna Tribe

Rooster Built will donate two sweatshirts and two t- shirts Thank you for the help

TechQuadShop definitely will be donating agian this year. Thank you Steve

To be on the 2012 T Shirt your donation must be confirmed no later than April 15st as to what it is and how it will get to the rally along with all art work that is needed for the T-Shirt.

2011 Donations
Mid Valley Metal Works AKA Powder coater (Full Powder Coating of frame and parts) Very nice donation
MonsterQuad:1 set of his new inframe Big Core duals 1 set of his new "under the seat" Drag Pipe Duals 1 Cam cover 1 Cam Cover w/ Plexi Window
1 MonsterQuad Fuel Controller 1 MonsterFlow Intake Kit MonsterQuad Quick Release Flag Holders. Wow Paul just outstanding Thank You
White Knuckle Racing (54mm or 58mm you pick Throttle Body) Outstanding Thank you WK
English Auto Inc $60 cash prize and $50 donation for food Thank You for your support.
FDL racing very big thank you for the support with the T shirts and more.
TechQuadShop will be donating again this year will update soon.
Rooster built will be donating again this year, will update soon
D7 Racing (Bob & Mike) will donate a 2nd gear set of billet gears, this is a great donation Thank You
Direct Drive donating way cool pack and more.
Site E Donating $100 to be split up Show and shine.
Don Donating Show and shine Work of art to the best of show.
Racers Edge will donate a CNC/P&P OUTSTANDING.
(MotoSport.com) wants to donate 4 $25 Gift Certificates, Thank You.
King of Bling Racing is donating $50, Thank You
Chris Tribe Donating Camp site Registration Fees $190. I will need to add $10 to each camp site next year.
Chris Tribe donating $150 permit fee.
2 gift certificates for 4 qts of synthetic oil each from Spectra Oil (another sponsor) for the Rally raffle.
Brandon Moore at Ramsey Waite Co 1.dobech fi controller raptor 700 2.oem Yamaha complete clutch kit raptor 700 3.thor 50/50 boots size 11 and 12
4. 3 youth helmets 2 girls 1 boys 5. Plus I can gather up some shirts and jerseys I will kick in. Wow outstanding donations Brandon, Thank You.
Forever powder coating in Olympia will be donating a $300 gift certificate for powder coating. This is very nice so a big thank you to Jeff the owner.

Fees and rates for camping. you must pay for all 3 nights.
just reminded of the rate hike from $20 to $23 a night so total for single site is $79 for e nights.
Individual non-hookup sites are $23 per night plus a $10 reservation fee. Sites are booked for 3 nights and the $79 needs to be posted paid by April 15th to keep the spot.
Group sites A B and D will be $200 split by # in site or people sharing the group site.
Group Sites C will be $240 split with # in site or people sharing the group site.

I will note paid by your name on the list for tracking.

List for group site A: FDL Racing site (PAID)

List for group site B: English Racing (PAID)

List for group site C: Sandaddy and family (PAID)

List for group site D: 1. Chris Tribe ORdunner PAID
2. GotBoost

Single sites
1 (80 feet) BigRig (PAID)
2 (80 feet) Digitalhearing Grant (PAID)
3 (80 feet) Powder Coater (Paid)
4 (85 feet) PIPO(Paid)
5 (85 feet) WFO Dustin Caldwell (PAID)
6. (80 feet) Manbearpig (PAID)
7. (85 feet) Zebradog (PAID)
8. (80 feet) BigRig (PAID)
11. (120 feet) Monster Quad (PAID)
12. (85 feet) KingofBling (PAID)
13. (85 feet) cocktail686r (PAID)
14. (85 feet) Ragged edge Performance Tony(PAID)
15. (70 feet) D7 Racing (PAID)
16. (100 feet) D7 Racing (PAID)
17. (80 feet) REALRODDER Monty (PAID)
18. (75 feet) NWcutie (PAID)
19. (75 feet) Spolier61 (PAID)
20. (75 feet) Spolier61 (PAID
21. (85 feet) Shredder (PAID)
22. (80 feet) Shredder (PAID)
29. (60 feet) Quiksilverz71 (PAID)
37. (50 feet) JIMHIGDAY (PAID)
38. (50 feet) KingofBling (PAID)
44. (50 feet) richardmata (PAID)
45. (45 feet) Locash70 (PAID)

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Great links

Map of camp ground

Link to Half Moon Campground:http://www.co.douglas.or.us/parks/pdfs/HMBGrpRules.pdf

Park Rules: Group Rules: http://www.co.douglas.or.us/parks/pdfs/HMBRules.pdf

Discovery Point campground .5 mile on gravel to get to the sand and .45 miles to Halfmoon camp site.

Raptor Rally List, if you want to bring something let me know and I will put your name next to the item listed. If there is other things you want added to the list let me know and I will add it as well.

Hamburgers Saturday dinner at 6:30PM. Group Photo at 5:30 PM (Chris Tribe)
1. HELP with cooking hamburgers need 3 grills and 3 volunteers?
Grill 1 Chris Tribe
Grill 2 Grant
Grill 3?
2. Buns and Hamburgers: need total of 12 Costco bags I will bring 4 bags (Chris Tribe)
3. ae86 4life I will put you down for the hambugers and buns, 4 costco bags
4. Buns and Hamburgers: 4 bags with buns. Grant
5. Buns and Hamburgers: 4 bags with buns Mike Got boost.
6. Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, lettuce, Tomato, and relish (Chris Tribe)
7. Oysters 4 dozen for Friday night (Dustin Caldwell)
8. Oysters 4 dozen for Saturday night dinner (Chris Tribe)
9. Paper plates (Chris Tribe)
10. Utensils (Chris tribe)
11. Hot dogs and buns: King of Bling Racing
12. Chips and dip: Quicksilver71
13. Drinks (bring your own, always keep safety in mind).
14. Soda and?
15. Cups (Chris Tribe)
16. Garbage bags (Chris Tribe)
17. Fruit salad and dessert stuff (macaroni and potato salads, as well as some fruit salad and deserts Sanddaddy Don)
18. Anyone want to take video?
19. Wood for large fire pit in group site D may need more for Friday night?
20. Camera for photos (Chris Tribe)
21. Tables Need 4 volunteers to move them?
22. 4 large tables for the food tent I will bring 2? (Chris Tribe)
23. 4 seats (Chris Tribe) so bring your own or extras, also please mark them.
24. Guest book (Chris Tribe)
25. Paper towels (Ripper660)
26. Baked Beans, deviled eggs and clam chowder
27. Volunteers for Photo need 4 to help with lineup of raptors; it will be 2 lines this year for better fit in photo.
28. Cake or pie
29 Beans Spoiler61

we can use extra tables and chairs

Link to 2011 NW Raptor Rally Page.


I know many have offered to help out with many of the things on this list below but I just want to confirm before putting your name on the lists so if you can help out with any of the events below please PM me so I can add you to the list.

Thank You So much for all the support, Chris and Georginna Tribe

OK This is the Volunteer List I need help with some things.

Food prep Saturday from 4PM to 6PM or what you can do to help out.

1. Georginna if she can make it.
2. Chris Tribe for part of it.
3. Vicki
4. Nicki

Poker Run will need people to cover stations, please ask Mike GotBoost for more information
Saturday AM for about 2 hours.
1. Mike
2. Chris Tribe
3. Aircooled
4. FDL

Show and Shine Help staging and getting out forms to people, Saturday from 11:30AM to 1:30 PM. For more information ask Don Sanddady.

1. Don Bates
2. Chris Tribe
3. Georginna
4. Aircooled
5. Jim Higday
6. Tony Fry

Photo staging help from 5:30PM to 6PM, I will need help with getting raffle tickets out and getting people lined up for the photo. First Raptors only Then all riders and if people want we can do a Turbo only line up after the main photo.

1. Chris Tribe
2. Don Bates
3. Aircooled

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I'll take site 29 again and I'll do chips and dip and help set-up/tear down again. Thanks Chris

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Hells ya! Gonna reserve something by tomorrow!

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Just wanted to update this post in that we will be at halfmoon for 2012 but for 2013 and past that would it be a big deal to move the rally to discovery point where they have more space and support? How about other locations like Riley Ranch or? So far Halfmoon seems to be the best place. I just wish I did not need to fight for more space every year and that the county would just lock us in for a yearly event for the weekend after mothers day and reserve all the camp sites to us. For now I am happy we have the space we have and that we can have this event is such a great location so support
SaveTheRidesDunes.com and keep the trails open.

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:wootwoot: Is it May 17th yet?

KingofBling Racing will do the hotdogs and buns again!!!!:thumbsup:

Where is the Coors Light truck going to be parked? In Cocktails site? It will be a yellow truck for sure!!!! :beer:

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So we will be at Half moon for 2012 for sure, so no location change as the county has steeped up and is working with us on space. I will post more information as I get it. Looks like 2012 is turning out to be a great year, we already have 2 outstanding donations.

D7 racing full turbo kit $3500 value Wow

Mid Valley Metal Works AKA Powder coater (Full Powder Coating of frame and parts) and $150 for the permit. Very nice donation

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Riley Ranch will have dune accsess in coos by then..Just sayin... :)
could be a option for 2013 will need to look at that, the nice thing about the raptor rally is it can move locations from year to year to change things up but as it gets bigger the places that can camp everyone getts smaller and harder to find. I think as long as the county continues to work with us Halfmoon is a very good location that people know.

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chris thanks for spot 13, you count me for cake or pie again.
And anyone who cares "I WILL NOT TURN DOWN THE D-7 TURBO KIT!"
Coors light Sponser ship will be needed........anyone?

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Ill take site 6, and will bring 4 dozen oysters for friday night.

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Thank you for spot 18. We will be there for sure. We all had such a great time!

We'll bring chili beans and something else.

Can't wait.

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I cant wait to line up against that full on Roosterbuilt bike and throw sand all over him... :simmadown:

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I think he's talking about your favorate color brad. :D

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Well, theres only one.....I dont wanna throw sand on you Brad, it would stick to much w/ all the anti freeze... ;) ...Did you get your bike ready for the track....

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Well, theres only one.....I dont wanna throw sand on you Brad, it would stick to much w/ all the anti freeze... ;) ...Did you get your bike ready for the track....
Everyone just has to remember to line up on the correct side!!!!! Sorry Brad:stir:
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