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Ohlins....Which ones....700 or yfz

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I am still having a serious debate on which shocks to go with. I know I want the Ohlins.....but not sure weather to go with the 700 PRC model or the yfz prx model. The prx ae dual rate and also have high/low speed compression damping.
BUT, the yfz shocks are shorter and are valved for the yfz....not the 700. SO, I feel like I could make a huge mistake going one way or the other. On one hand I could get the 700 shocks and then feel like for only $250 more I could of had dual rates and high/low speed comp damping. But on the other I could get the yfz shocks and feel like they are not tuned correctly.
I am running the 06 yfz shocks right now....and while I think they are a good upgrade from stock....you can tell they are not valved right for the 700....nor is the spring rate correct.
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have you tried to contact ohlins about ir??
nope not yet.....probably should though.
duhn duh duhn...yep see what ohlin says because they may have a different recommendation based on their own pre-screen evaluation
its these I am talking about.............
they valved and sprung mine for my weight and the 660. Im sure the same can be done for the 700. Those shocks are totally rebuildable, you can do almost anything with them
sikraptor700 said:

damn thats a good deal on ther rear. I think I will be calling on that. Unfortunately the fronts all look like long travel....unreal deals though!!!!
Thanks for posting...I sure appreciate you keeping your eye out!! :) :thumbsup:
I say have the shocks sprung and valved for the 700.That takes care of the 46 pound difference and gives you the same performance and feel a yfz450 would have with shocks valved for it.Also if you can get long travel shocks you should because they are better.I don't know much about ohlins but elka makes long travel shocks that also have the zero preload feature which sits the quad lower by a few inches for better handling in corners while still having the long travel feel and performance.I think i heard somewhere that the top guys that made axis shocks famous now work for ohlins.So they should be incredible shocks.
I would have to think they are damn nice shocks too....as they have a series name in streetbikes!
I would stick with the 700 shocks. There are a lot of suspension shops that will service them (ohlins ). I have heard that they can be a bit more expensive to custom valve relative to the shock complexity and the amount of people that actually know how to work on them. They are a top notch product!
There name is HUGE in the street world....thats what kind a drew me into them! :thumbsup:
When you install it you got to set them in function of your wheight, and when you just spent over $3000 for the front and the rear shocks you think that there's going to be a hudge difference in handling, but in fact you set it up in function the terrain you're going to ride. First time you feel you're going to loose it :crazy: trying to set it. But after a few days, you'll understand how.
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