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Oil Change Question

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I've changed oil in many different vehicles,bikes, cars, atvs etc.When I changed the oil & filter in my raptor I did it just like the book said but can't seem to get a proper reading now that I've ridden it. I put the proper amount in it , starting it and then adding the difference a little at a time til it reached the full mark not screwing in the dipstick. Then I rode for the afternoon and checked it a little while after I was done riding it and it read just a hair above the full line , which I figure is just from the expanding from being warm. Then after trailering home and checking it later it was barely on the bottom of the dipstick. It did not leak anywhere . Checked that. And I don't want to add oil because I know I put the correct amount in.When I ride it again and it gets hot will it read full when should I check it for the best reading? it just flucktuated so much from when I changed it. Any help will be much appreciated. :3question:
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The book says to warm it up, Shut it down and let it site for a few and then check it.
Did that.
Make sure the surface you are on is 100% level. I basically only check it in my garage, so I get the same exact reading every time.
read my post from a couple days ago, might help you out

I'm having the same problem right now with the the oil level being to full. I've been changeing oil for years, changed the oil on the 700 a few times before without any problems. This last time I did everything exactly by the book and exactly the same way same place and it still reads to full.
So I don't know what to tell you as I'm in the same boat right now.
I've read many posts of people having problems checking their oil and I always thought they just didin't know what they were doing because I never had a problem changeing the oil in my 700 until now.
Same problem here, except mine was low after sitting a couple of months?
Warmed it up drained everything, filled as specified checked it a couple of days later right where it should be then stored over winter and the oil tank was low??

This is a dry sump engine. You need to follow the method in the manual exactly, and even then there is a little bit of variation. The longer it sits, the more oil seeps back out of the tank into the sump.
The way I look at it if it's not burning it (smoking) and there is no puddle on the floor....Just ride it... ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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