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Not to hi jack the oil filter thread but, what brand and grade of oil does everyone use. Also, how often do you change your oil. I change mine every 10 to 15 hours for regular ridng. If I have been riding in a lot of water, mud or sand I won't let it go past 10 hrs. I run Yamaha 20W40. I use two quarts per oil change and if I'm riding real hard I have to give er a little splash around 5-7 hours.
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castrol GTX 20w50

around every 10 hours, then before and after every race.
AMSOIL Series 2000 20W-50 Racing Oil

Best there is, changed about every 30hrs.
4R 20/40 and interval varies with conditions. dunes every 20, trails winter 40-50, trails summer 10-20 (Based on air filter condition)
ok I bought a fram tough guard th6607 and a oil filter socket/wrench for torque wrench for 3bucks Will install tomorrow.
I need help on the oil i picked. I bought castrol gtx and it also says at bottom left unique anti-sludge formula it is 20w-50 sae back says api service sm 20w-50 then also api service sm,sl,sj,sh. I live in georgia wher we will only see a few more days of 90-92degree weather and my first 10hrs should be in weather from 65-low 90`s in day The hot days seem to be runing out. Should I use this castrol I bought or take it back for lighter weight or take it back cause it`s not right correct kind? I can exchange it for differnt brand at advance autoparts no yamalube or amsoil or redline. Please reply if anyone reads.
As far the weight is concerned 20-50 should be ok down to 40-50 degrees or lower if your machine has lots of hours on it. I dont know what sj, sg etc actually means so cant help with that. I do know Yamaha says not to use any kind of fuel saver oil or something like that. I would be leary of the anti sludge part, it could be that they just increased the amount of detergent and this could break old deposits loose and send them through your motor.
From what I understand the the "s" is for service level. The later service levels meet the requirements of the earlier levels, so SM meets the levels for SL, SJ, and SH.

Check this out for more info on the API label http://new.api.org/certifications/engineoil/categories/upload/ShelfCard_English.pdf
im worride about it saying anti-sludge forumula so i will wait till i get more opions from you guys.
dont go cheap on oil use amsoil. you can check out what they have at amsoil.com
what you got will work great.

You can take the filter wrench back, just get it tight as you can by hand. Thats the best part about the TG6607 the grip tape makes it easy to get on and off.
Amsoil 0-40 with their filter. Change your oil about every 10-20 hours. If you need help getting Amsoil or want awsome prices let me know.
Quakerstate Full-Synthetic 5w-30 w/ a K$N Oil Filter, Change about every 20 hours
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