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phuzz said:
vermin99 said:
What is the beniefit on going with synthetic rather than petroleum based oils. Less frequent oil changes? When I change my oil it still looks new.
Depends upon your mindset, but synth offers advantages over dino, especially with multi-vis dino due to the added polymers which can break down.

Synth can have a better base stock.

But........so long as you are within spec for the engine, anything over the top of that spec has diminishing returns, especially of you change your oil in 1/8 or 1/10 of the recommended interval. (20 or 10 hrs vs the recommended 160).

Only true way to determine when your oil needs changing is to run tests at a lab. Here's one: http://www.blackstone-labs.com/

I use Rotella or Delo as it is within spec, has good base stock, and does not include friction modifiers (moly, etc.) that are supposedly going to cause clutch issues (even though I have run energy conserving oil in wet-clutch applications with NO problems). If I use this oil and change it at 50 or so hours, I am way above the needs of the engine, and am not lacking coverage at all.

I think if you run synth, and change it a t 10-20 hours, and send in a sample for the tests, that the report will show you your oil is 10-15% "used", if that much.

Short answer is that it is a very personal and controversial topic with few folks actually basing their position on true lab data. If you want the truth, get scientific and send in a sample.
Great info Phuzz,

Most oils require changing when the original Total Base Number reduces itself in half, typically a TBN is around 12 and therefore when it gets to 6 its about time to change it, and there is also other items, water and acidity content etc.....

Basically it all depends on the oil quality, most labs are around 20 bucks to check, so when your dropping 6 bucks on a filter and 38 bucks for a gallon of synthetic oil oil, it might be worth it.
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