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Overfilled OIL

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Changed the oil the other day and accidently overfilled it I put about 2 3/4 quarts of oil in it and didnt change the filter, should I take the oil out of the resivoir or does it not matter. I know on a car you can overfill and cause damage but I have already put about two hours on it since the change because I convinced myself that it didnt matter because it was just a resivoir. Just wanted to see what everybody thought.Thanks!
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As far as i know, it does matter. You'll have to drain some oil out. I might be wrong but i think its because of the dry sump design that pumps the oil back into the resevior. :p
from what i read in service manule over and under filled can/will cause damage.
Well I took some oil out. I think I still have a little to much but I would rather have more than less I guess. I hate checking the oil on these damn things. I get a different reading every time, I am doing like the manual says but its so aggravating(how the hell are you suppose to know when the oil is 140 degrees). I never thought I would be so pissed at an oil change.:mad:
i just check it when it is cold and if it is above the fill ilne im fine
Thats what Im saying I can go check mine cold right now and it will say right in the middle of full and empty but if I check like the manual says where you warm it up it will read an inch above full.
I find it a very big pain in the ass to check oil level maybe some of the garus here can give us better info on checking the oil level. Im doing my first oil change today in about 15min and it`s going to be a pain in ass checking the level im sure.
We all change our oil so far ahead of schedule that I usually run 10 min check it and if I am on the stick I ride. I know the capacity is only an ounce or two less than 2 qts so I just stick 2 qts in and I ride I dont bother with checking level after oil change. If it doesnt leak and you are not burning oil you will not use enough oil between changes to worry about.
my thought exactly
i changed mine the other day and went by the book new oil fitler and a little over 2 quarts. it tells you to check it ith it warm and without screwing it into the res. i thouhg i had put to much in but i realized that i wasnt supposed to screw the dipstick in when checking level. ddduuuurrrrrr read the directions if your not proficient. thats what i go by...... if i dont swim i stay out of the water.
lol i screw mine in to check it
so would you guys say about 2qts and a half would be perfect.
05rappy said:
so would you guys say about 2qts and a half would be perfect.
with a filter.
You dont need the oil to be that warm. Check it when its cold and you'll be okay. The reason it is an inch over right after you run it is because the oil has to settle after you run it. Run it for five mins or so, then let it settle for awhile and then check it if you want the most accurate reading. No big deal to check it cold though. I do.
The oil level is supposed to be between the 2 lines on the stick but closer or on the top line, not above.
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