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Ive been researching about paddles. Didnt realize it gets so technical picking size and type. Im looking for some suggestions on size and brands. Skat Trak seems to be a popular tire but very expensive. Ive found a set of kendel Gekos ?? I think thats what theyre called for really cheap. Too cheap I think. I believe I need a straight paddle for what I want to do but Im open to anyones suggestion. Im not sure the hp but here's what Im working with. 04 raptor
wiseco crank and rod stock stroke
102mm 11:1 wiseco piston
stage 2 cam
Kibble white valves and springs
mildly ported/cleaned up head
no airbox with the dual round filters
full hmf exhaust
12/41 gears
ofcourse jetted to match
The paddles will be for sand ONLY. I run hole shots on some aftermarket rims normaly. They will be for mostly hill climbing and drag racing. 300ft I believe. I have a set of 11x9s to mount them on...
not that this matters but other mods are:
450 shocks
oversized aluminum oil tank
oversized radiator
spal fan
pro tapers
a arm armor
skid plate and matching bumper
may be losing the armor to shave weight though
asv levers
twist throttle

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If you want cheap I would get some 22-11-10 sandstars. I can get them local for 250 on blue lables. I would recomend a 21-12-8, 7 paddle hauler on blue labels. A set of those would cost ya around 350. That is the best set up for great traction. I have had several different setups and both of those work for me.
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