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PC 3 map interpretation

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I do not have a Power Commader yet but was wondering if this is possible: Can you upload the various maps provided and compare the fuel input between them to do a dyno comparison between different set-ups? More fuel ='s more Hp's. Could that work?
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If your asking if you can put more then one map at a time in your controller, I'm pretty sure you can't.
If you connect your laptop all the time you can send maps anytime you want.
Sorry guys I did not explain myself very well.

Basically I was wondering if the maps that Dynatek provides for Power Commander set-up could be used to figure out which bolt on mods are the best performing. Dynatek has done multiple Dyno runs with a Raptor using different combinations of pipes & intakes to create there Power Commander maps. I don't know if the program allows you to see fuel/rpm #'s but the more fuel needed should mean more horsepower. If the #'s from different set-up's could be comparred we would know which pipe/intake combination is best.

I'm sure theres a reason why this won't work but just curious.
You can compare maps in the pc software provided and compare 2 maps at a time......
I was curious about the difference between the various maps so I charted a comparison of those using the Pro Design intake kit with K&N filter and airbox lid removed. If the average fuel richness were an indication of flow, the exhaust setups would rank as shown in the following list. This isn't necessarily an indication of performance and the systems rank differently if ranked at a specific RPM range.

Map M416-0xx -- Exhaust -- Mean
1) Map 48 Yoshimura RS7 full exhaust (spark arrestor removed) 10.64564565
2) Map 19 Bub Moto C4 slip-on exhaust 10.30930931
3) Map 24 Pro Circuit T4 Full exhaust 10.02102102
4) Map 46 LTE full exhaust 10.003003
5) Map 47 LRD Pro 4r full exhaust, Pro Design intake kit 9.834834835
6) Map 27 HMF Full exhaust (race baffle) 9.423423423
7) Map 38 Jardine slip-on exhaust 9.366366366
8) Map 51 CT Racing full exhaust 8.51951952
9) Map 29 Jardine Full exhaust 8.195195195
10) Map 41 Two Brothers slip-on 8.078078078
11) Map 03 Stock exhaust, muffler insert removed, stock air filter, airbox lid removed 7.924924925
12) Map 56 Pro Armour Pro 4S full exhaust 7.813813814
13) Map 02 Stock exhaust, stock air filter, airbox lid removed 4.666666667
14) Map 01 Stock 3.777777778
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Good job on the research. That was what I was looking for. Strange that there is a slip-on way up in second place. How many points and at what rpms did you do your averaging from?
The amount of fuel added for the different pipes in the different maps in no way corralates into which makes the most power. In my experience on the dyno most all of the PCIII site maps are way over rich(fail safe to cover their butts) and do not make max RWHP and TQ over a broad RPM range. With the 700R's lean burn design you will find that with an A/F ratio around 13.9 to 14.1 you will make the best RWHP and TQ over the broadest range.
When we created the custom map for my 700R with GYT-R filter and adapter, no lid and LTE duals we ended up pulling fuel out thru out almost the entire curve to achieve the best HP and TQ numbers and as close to a flat line on A/F ratio between 13.8 to 14.1 as possible using a Dyno jet wideband sensor on a Dyno Jet eddie current Dyno. For the guys wanting to get the most out of their mods,if your serious about wanting to get the most HP per dollar, pick your components carefully and then have the machine dyno tuned by an experianced EFI tech who knows the ins and outs of dialing a PCIII equiped machine. Then you will know your not leaving any horse power on the table and are getting the most out of your mods.
If you do internal mods in the future then all it will take is a little touch up tuning to deliver the required amount of fuel for your internal mods, which will not cost as much as creating a custom map from scratch.
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I completely agree with RaptorRandy27. One of the reasons I charted out the various maps was to help choose a leaner map for my FMF system.
Wow, good information. I love having my theories shot down ;)

Seriously though, its good to hear from the experts how things really work.
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