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Hi All

This weekend me, my wife and Channing went to the Piket Berg show. It's a town situated about and hour and a half's drive from Cape Town. The town is in the middle of the Swartland and is and agricultural economy consisting of rolling valleys of wheat and some amazing scenery. On Saterday all the Quads and Bikes assembled and first donated food etc to to charities in the Piketberg Area. These were donated by the riders and the entry fees went to charity as well. One of the Farmers that I'd met "Charl" was instermental in marking out the routes and getting other farmers to assist in allowing us to ride through farms in the area. The route was 90Km's in total with sections that we could really pin it and technical sections as well. I am so proud of my son who completed the whole course and did the last 20Km's or so with a flat left front tyre.

The first pics that I am attaching is of a site called www.piketberg.co.za if you'd like to have a look. I'll post some pics of us before the event.

All in all we had a JOLLLLL.
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