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Please help rewire my raptor 660

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Hello, I’ve just found out about this forum, I’ve been reading a lot of issues people have and noticed alot of you step in and help them out, is there any way yall can help me out with mines?
I’ve been looking for re-wiring videos step by step on YouTube and can’t find anything, I bought my raptor without running as a project and I’m all done with it except the wiring step.
My issues:

I have no power coming to the dash, I turn the key and nothing, light switch has power but does nothing also, push start button has power but nothing.
I replaced the starter relay and nothing.
(If I manually bridgethe relay it I’ll turn over but not with the button)
And my ignition coil, has 2 wires with power, I grounded it to the frame but when I connect the second wire to it (black) it pops the fuse that comes from the battery side of the relay to the harness.

my theory is that someone messed with the harness before and connected something where it doesn’t belong, I have the diagram but I’m not able to understand it.

I don’t know what else to do, getting frustrated over here -.-

please help, I’ll greatly appreciate it
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Answered in your 1st post... ignore this one.
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