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gandy1972 said:
i thought this site was to help people???? i got no replies on my listings x2 so i went to looney direct they have informed me my exhaust should glow red and it is quite normal although all bike shops i have spoken to have told me it is wrong and could melt my valves i am just going back to standard as i have no one to advise me or guide me down the right path
This site is to help others, but you're not going to get too many volunteers with that attitude.

You need to tell us what your air filter setup is before anyone can make any meaningful recommendations. LTE should have provided you with jetting instructions when you purchased the pipe.

Black is rich, and glowing headers mean lean. It could be as simple as needing 25 pilots, but if you're running with a full airbox you're probably ok on needles but a tad rich on the mains (your mains should be staggered like the oem 140 left/145 right). Try using 155/160 and see how it runs there. If you've got the lid off and are running a clamp filter setup then you need to bump up your mains, use 25 pilots, and possibly up your needle one notch. Temperature also has an affect on performance and jetting, you won't have the same jetting in Minnesota as you would run most of the time in Arizona.
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