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This is a thread for those who really dont know what they want to do with mods, so list your own so they can get an idea to start.....Go ahead and list what type of riding you do most.

2003 Raptor 660

80% Trail 20% MX

HC Stage 1
KibbleWhite Valves
L&A Oneway
Ricky Stator
Tusk Clutch & Springs
CV4 Coolant Hoses
Pro Design Powershifter
Curtis Sparks X-6 Full System
Pro Design Pro Flow Kit
Vito's Jet Kit 155/160 25 Pilot
Lonestar +2 Arms
Durablue 2+2 Axle
04 Yfz Shocks
Flipped Wishbone Link
DG Nerfs
PRM Grab Bar
Parking Brake Block Off
Pro Taper SE Bars
Trail Tech Billet Top Clamp
ODI Rogue Lock-On Grips
Modquad Billet Throttle Lever
Maxxis Razrs All The Way Around......

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2001 Yamaha Raptor 660

80% trail
20% just riding wherever allowed

Full ESR
20-11-9 Kenda Knarley Rears
Uni air filter
Tusk clutch plates
Moose Bumper
Jt chain and sprokets
Tag bars
Gytr Heal guards

Pretty stock for now but ......

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Riding style: usually involves disco lights behind me
mods: signature

Last weekend i went out for a cruse, and it started icing, i soon had a coat of ice on me.

Caribbean Raptor
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'04 Raptor 660

Riding Style: Fast trail riding, MX, and 1/4 Mile Drag Racing

Full Alba Exhaust
K&N filter, no Lid
Maxxis Razr II
Hotcams stage 1
'06 YFZ shocks
Flipped Link
HID 8000K
AC pro peg Nerfbars (black)

Getting Stronger as we speak! :thumbsup:

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80% trail riding
20% dunes (oregon coast)
mods in signature.....

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Dunes,Trails 50/50
mods in sig

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haulin ass whereever i can find but im buyin a yfz for my mx purposes and sellin this... so ya lol mods in sig :cool: the yfz in my sig is not the one im buying i thought about buyin it but naw im buyin a full blown mx race bike with dasa motor maybe in a few days...

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01 raptor

little riding around on the farm and some trails
mostly dirt drags

01 frame with 04 motor
stock internals and carbs
hinson clutch basket
barnett clutch
moose clutch lever
msr direct shifter
14/40 sprockets
vacum fuel pump
one plug hotter than stock (cant remember the number)
grizzly seats for carbs
foam clamp on filter (still have airbox and airlid)
curtis sparks full exhaust
+8 chrome swinger with modquad carrier
lowering kit on front

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Riding 50% sand and 50% mountain.

Motor Work: 11:1 Wiseco Piston. Stock Bore
Stage 2 Hot Cam
Jet Kit (FMF)

Out Side Of Motor: Power Bomb Header Pipe
Factory-4 Silencer
K&N Pro-Flow Intake System
Front Sprocket (12 T)

Accessories: DG V-Pro Front Bumper
DG Alloy Nerf Bars
PRM Products Six-Pack Rack
Cascade Quick Release Flag Holder
Tusk Billet Aluminum Gas Cap (Anodized Red)
Moose Billet Parking Brake Block Off Plate (Anodized Red)
Tusk T-10Aluminum Handlebars Raptor bend (Anodized Red)

Sand Tires: Skat-Trak Hauler
GBC Shark Fin

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80% fast trail riding ( never touch 1st ) :p
20% track riding. ( when ever i get free time )

Most of my mods are in my sig..

Currently trying to set my bike up for freestyle. 8)

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all street and some mud not many trails in my part of sd
all i know is a big bore kit cut air box lid and jetted
soon to be lowered and widened

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+2.5 lonestar a-arms
+4 lonestar swingarm
+3 axcaliber axel
pro taper bars with sure grips
piaa lights
alba nerfs
lonestar brake block off
-1 +2 gears
bills exhaust
jet kit


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720!!!!!! the compression u get out of that may bring u to race gas . my raptor is getting ported and bored out to a 686 . i have plus 2 all the way around houser in the front and a lonestar axle. i went up one on the front sprocket and have a plus two eyball engineering swing arm . front triplerated elka piggybacks and revalved in the rear. also have a stage two cam along with polished valve ports. razor twos all around also. thinkin of porting the carbs !!!!!
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