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2001 Raptor 660 mods: 686cc, All limmiters removed, Full yosh SS RS3 pipe, Open aluminum air box W/ K&N filter, Stock carbs W/ custom jetting for the 3 pluger, Stage 3 Hot Cam W/ WillyKiller cam mod & no decomp, WillyKiller 3 plug head, WillyKiller custom port & polish W/ port matched intakes, Ferrea valves, Wiseco 102mm 11:1 piston, Hot Rod's connecting rod, WillyKiller oil mod, WillyKiller custom trans upgrade, 660 Speed limmiter mod, Modded 01 wire harness, 02 + Dyna FS W/ WillyKiller custom curve's, Custom ignition coil's, Oversize aluminum oil tank, Pro Design direct power shifter, Custom painted motor & side covers,

YFZ front shocks, YFZ front brake calipers, Vented rear brake rotor, E break removed W/ Moose block plate, Wicked tough Evil Jester graphics, Carbon Fiber nose W/ custon radiator guard, Moose bark busters W/ Black brush guard's, Marshal aluminum bars W/ 1" risers, Aluminum bar clamps, Out law aluminum vented gas cap w/ dual check valve's, Black ITP baja rims, ITP HD hole shot tires, Armadilo skid full plate & A arm guard's, Armadilo aluminum front bumper, rear aluminum grab bar W/ 6 pack rack...Soon to come, extendes swinger, rear shock extended axle....:)
Im sure I missed a few...
Im sure I got more but thats good for now...

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50/40/10 Trails, open bean fields and corn fields, the ten% is special trips like badlands or michigan and wisconson which might have some sandy trails.

Currently : Rims, Tires, Handlebars

Very Near Future : Full exhaust, EFI & Ignition Controller, HD Clutch, Cam

I will periodically upgrade as my mods do....

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mine are in my sig i ride 90% trail and 10% track. next upgrade for me is better shocks and wider axle so she lands a little better

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i ride 100% trails but i cross several cricks no more than 1.5ft deep. currently i have a bone stock raptor with a k&n air filter +2 axle. getting a full sparks this fall. could i run a pro flow k&n air filter wihtout a box and a outerwears? my concern is water getting in through the air filter. thanks. :)

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You might just wanna start a new thread. You will probably get more responses. I would think it would be better to just get rid of the lid and keep the rest of the box.

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if your going to keep the box then you will need to drill some holes in the bottom so the water has a place to go when it gets in the box. i ride trails and my filter stays cleaner with no airbox than it did with one.

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Trinity racing exhaust

Looking to put a trinity racing stage 4 exhaust on my 01raptor wondering if anyone has ever used this system and some thoughts on it

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Looking to put a trinity racing stage 4 exhaust on my 01raptor wondering if anyone has ever used this system and some thoughts on it
One of my friends had a trinity built 686 with thier exhaust it ran really well and looked good but I am of the opinion that its not worth the money there are better performing pipes for less money. I currently have an 05 se 660 with a pro design uni filter and an lrd full system but plan on upgrading to a Curtis sparks big core based on the recommendations of others on here. Performance wise the list goes barker duals then monster duals then sparks big core at least that is the recommendations I have seen.

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I ride 95% Trails/Woods 5% Pavement to get to the stripjobs and woods.

Raptor 686, List of mods below
03 Frame and plastics with 04 engine
102mm 11:1 Wiseco
Stage 1 Hotcam
Hetricks Racing National Intake/Filter kit with Outerwears
Cometic gaskets
AMR Monster coil
Dynojet kit
Yoshimura full system RS3 Sold Curtis Sparks X6 bigcore with DEI header wrap
UM Aluminum airbox with crankcase filter
Oversized radiator
GT Thunder XC rear link
Hinson racing clutch Kit
ASV F3 Propack black levers
Houser +1 stem with Houser Antivibe clamp
Protaper SE Raptor bend bars with ODI Lockon grips red anodized
Powermadd handgaurds with Rox speed FX billet mounts
Pro Armor tether switch
Fasst Flexx Pro brake return kit
ModQuad Inline radiator billet cooler
Blingstar Victory bumper
Fasstco. Antivibe bar inserts 7/8ths
Proarmor YFZ V grab fabbed to fit, YFZ LED taillight
Regina Z ring chain
Vortex front sprocket, SunStar rear sprocket
TM Designworks Slide n Guide kit
Houser Racing +2 a arms with new powdercoat and logos + TM Designworks bushings
Proarmor XC nerfs with heelguards, Proarmor maximiser fatpegs TRX450r drilled to fit
GYTR Carbon fiber hood
Carbon fiber warning labels from Carbon covers
ITP Baja rims in rear
ITP Quadcross fronts, ITP Holeshot rears
Streamlines rear braided line, Galfer front braided lines. Magura red anodized Banjos
Alba slotted rear rotor
Prodesign billet direct shifter
ModQuad, reservoir cap, Idle cover, Oil filter cover, Chain guard, Gas cap, Grill
RIS Designs billet throttle cover
Pivot works front hub bearings, and Pivotworks swingarm kit
Moose racing swingarm skid
YFZ front shocks sold ELKA Stage 3's now
OMF Aluminum scoops
Hiperwhite H6M bulbs
Lonestar racing PB blockoff
Engine Ice
Lonestar Axcalibar extended axle
Lonestar Billet rotor hub
Lonestar antifade axle nut
Lonestar Billet brake line clamps
GYTR Carbon fiber engine shrouds
Blingstar billet brake cover, Blingstar timing covers
Quadtech carbon fiber shock guards
Hiper tech3's with Hiper mudplugs
Many parts painted and polished

Lastest purchase a set Houser +2 A arms, Fresh powdercoat and bushings, Future mods are a Quadtech seatcover, Graphics kit, Belly skid, Revalved rear shock, Might go to a stage 2 cam, HD springs and stronger crank, As of right now that's about all I can think of Im sure im forgetting a few mods. I will update mods and parts as time progresses. I currently have 3 builds going on, so bare with me.

5/12/14 UPDATE
Just bought some Hiper tech3's and Hiper mudplugs, Quadtech Carbon fiber shrouds for Elkas and a GYTR carbon fiber hood, Curtis Sparks X6 bigcore.

Cleveland Motorsports
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100% trails

:cool:Trail riding and running from the cops°°¿:eek:
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Cleveland Motorsports
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100%Trails and the street


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04 Raptor 660r


Full Scorpion
K&N pro flow intake
AC nerfs
DG front bumper/Grab bar

Near Future: 686 kit, 11:1 piston, stage 2 cams, 450 suspension. :D

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I ride a lot of back roads, trails, and fields

Yamaha raptor 660... hardly
720cc big bore kit
Stage 3 ported head
Stage 3 hotcam
13:1 compression
Stage 3 heavy duty clutch
3 inch extended trailing arm
6 inch misfit widening kit
12 inches widened in the rear
Maxxis rzr II tires
Douglas rims
Lowered 2 inches in the rear
Renthal handlebars
AC nerf bars
AC front bumper
GYTR skid plates
PRM rear bumper
ASV F3 handles
All aftermarket brakes, disks, and calipers
Trail tech vapor speedometer
14 inch led light bar
2x6 led pods
HID headlights
LED brake light bar
Aftermarket aluminum sprockets
Built transmission
HMF muffler and headers
Dynatek programmable ignition
Carbon fiber hood and billet aluminum grill
AC heel guards
IMS shifter
Aftermarket throttle and clutch cables
Throttle thumb extender
Bigger carbs and jetted
K&N with air box lid removed
Custom oil breather
Aftermarket grips
Steering stabilizer
All balls bearings
Goes 0-100... real quick:cool:

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01 660
American star +3+1 A-arms with 450 shocks
+4 axle
Big Gun full exhaust, big gun rev box,
Pro design intake with k&n. Outerwares box cover.
GYTR jet kit
Kibble White valve springs

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2003 660
trail rider
Alba +2 long travel arms with 2012 450 shocks
PRM summit bumper
steel brakelines all around
stock wheels and tires with gbcs (wanting beadlocks soon)
PRM skids all around
HMF full pipe with k&N filter with outerwear with proflow adapter
heel gaurd delete
unhinged atv oversixed foot pegs (they are a must have if you dont run heelgaurds)
hinson basket
billet dash
engine ice coolant
oem banshee axle
DID x ring chain
4 Led pods to light up the night (mounted using "L" brackets to mimic stock positions)
custom made grab bar
cfm oil tank

Next mods to come soon
durablue or lonestar axle
lonestar swingarm (unless someone can recommend a good trail swing arm)
going to lower the rear end by flipping the link
powdercoating white
revavle shocks
engine rebuild
remove lid and up jetting
steering stem
bigger radiator

need recommendations for
types of clutch fibers
type of steering stem
type of beadlocks
and anything else desirable that i am missing

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2002 Raptor 660

Front Elka Long Travel Suspension
+2 in. A arms
Full Yoshi Exhaust
Tusk Bumper/Grab Bar
Moose Racing Bars
Pro Taper Bar Pad
Pro Taper Grips
Asv Clutch Lever
Moose Racing Break Lever
Full Skid Plate
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