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hey peeps

i have now decided to powder coat some bits on my quad as a mate can do i for me for free but i had a few questions first

i am planning to do the upper and lower a-arms, grab bar, nerf bars and was looking into some of the engine covers, oil filter and a few others that are eaily removed now is there any problem with removing the large cover on the left side of the quad (if your sitting on it) it is quite a large cover which looks easy to remove but i dont know what will happen if i take it off, have had bad experences in the past with removing bits i dont know what they are then peices falling out and i dont know how to get it back together, so is it easy to pull off will oil leak out

i was going to do all the parts in black with a clear coat over the top so it sould hold up, does anyone have any pics of black a arms and engine covers

what do you guys think about this idea

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