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Power Commander map for nmotion pipe?

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Is anyone running an nmtion pipe with the PCIII, if so what map or settings are you running? Has anyone got in contact with power commander to see what they reccomend for this application? Thanks.
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Just curious, how do you like that NMotion exhaust? I've heard it's REALLY loud, but opinions do vary.
I think the pipe is great, a fact that many don't know is the nmotion pipe is a race exhaust. Hence, the loud db's. I wanted performance and I'm getting performance, db's were not of concern to me.
This is what Dynojet (power commander) said:

"We haven’t tested that pipe yet. I recommend to try a few of the other full system maps and fine tune it a little from there. That is the only choice at this point unless you can have the bike custom mapped on a dyno. Use something with the air box lid off and the pro design intake like yours."
Thanks for the info BaDAPter, I was just about to email power commander and have delayed so for the same reason. I figured since nmotion isn't as popular as other exhaust systems they haven't got to test out the pipe. Do you know if they will provide a map anytime soon?
I'd bet that they mostly dyno the setups that they have the most requests for. So i'd guess that the more people that request a map for this pipe, the more likely they will get around to creating one.

Anyway, i just replied back to see if they plan on coming out with a map anytime soon... I'll let you know what they say.
Cool, I'm just about to send them an email and see what happens. I will keep you informed with any info. Thanks again.
If you don't mind some down time you can request to send them the exhaust system and they will create a map for it. I was going to do that with my LTE's when I first got them and they were willing to do that for me, I was talking with Dusty Schaller (sp) I later decided to dyno and map locally. Another option to consider anyway.
Thanks Randy, I'd consider giving dynojet the exhaust to dyno if they were willing to do that. I just couldn't do it in the near future.

By the way, dynojet said to try the map for the curtis sparks pipe. Although i looked through the maps and it looked to me like the pro circuit t4 map was using the most fuel. I wouldnt want it to be running lean in the dunes...
whats the horsepower your getin out of the nmotion?
This weekend in the dunes will be the first time i ride it with the new pipe/intake/pc3
As far as HP numbers, I dont know of any dyno numbers done with this pipe.
Any news on a map for the nmotion pipe? (I have the 9inch)

There is a map on the Power Commander site for an nmotion pipe, not sure which pipe, but for some reason it looks like someone dynoed it with a stock intake.
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