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Pro Armor Mounts

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I have full Pro Armor skids and they are well made and look great, but I am having issues with the A-arm skids getting loose when in the rocky stuff. The aluminum hooks that go around the A-arm tubing get distorted and cause the skids to loosen. I have already had to bend them back into shape twice, and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and is there a better solution?

Otherwise the Pro Armor stuff is top notch! :thumbsup:
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I actually have had the same problem. Call them (speak to Lindsay the CSR) they will usually give new ones since yours are weaker everytime you bend them. If the front part of their a arm gaurds was bent up like the rest of the gaurd down by the lower hub/arm ball joint it probabaly wouldn't happen. Other wise good stuff.
did u try using red loc-tite?? i just took my skids off and they were a little loose on the a-arm skids but,, i used loc-tite this time, i only used the blue so if that dosent work ill try red and see what happens
Pro armor has sent me 2 sets of complete bolt packages for free just because I contacted them asking to purchase bolts due to the rocks eating mine.

I definately agree that you should ask them for replacements and secondly you should use red loctite when you get the new ones. Then you should just keep an eye on them every second weekend to insure all the bolts are still tight.

It's a known fact that nuts and bolts are magneticaly attracted to sharp rocks. It is simple evolution, the rocks know how to survive by eating the evil nuts and bolts that stray too near.
Mine do the same thing but I have another brand. I even use loc tite and they still come loose. Ive just gotten used to tightening then after every few rides. :unsure:
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