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Hi everyone, i bought a PC-V for my '09 Raptor 700. I installed it. I ran my bike with no lid and no spark arrestor with stock air filter/intake. On the Power Commander website there is a map for this setup.(#3) I had some issues when i went for a ride. The bike was hesitating on accelerations but not at full throttle or high revs. I checked the plug when i got home. The bike was running lean judging by the all white porcelain insulator.

By then i received my Pro-Design Pro-Flow intake kit with foam filter that i installed, without the outer red filter because i ride in hard packed snow(no dirt) along with a new map that was provided to me by DL700.

The bike still does the same thing. In a long stretch i let off the the throttle and put it on again. That is when it does it. Does the same also coming out of a curve...Stepping on throttle after deceleration if you like.

I checked the plug again... looks a little more brownish but i think it is still lean.

Help would be appreciated. I don't want to damage the engine.

PS: I put super unleaded in the tank. Still hesitates but less i think.



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