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PVC fuel control check engine light code 39

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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased abrand new Yamaha-raptor 700, added a monster slip on exhaust and felt like I needed a fuel controller.
I decided to purchase and installed the power commander fuel controller,I quickly ran into issues when attempting to power on the raptor and noticed a check engine light code 39. The raptor seems to run okay but I don’t want to mess something up. When I remove the fuel controller the check engine light goes away. The only problem is that with the slip on I have notice the raptor struggle for power and has even shut down once or twice.

does anyone have a fix for code 39?
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Code 39 is injector, if I remember rightly. Make sure you have seated all the plugs correctly between bike harness and power commander. Did you also ground the wire of the power commander? Have seen people.hooking them up to the positive in error.
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