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Race results

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I raced three different quads today. The first race was against a Can-am 800. That thing had me off the line but I caught and passed him by the end of third. I always start in second every race unless I'm road racing. That 800 really moves for its size :thumbsup:. The second race was against a '06 yfz with everything but nos done to it. It's running a big bore kit but the owner never told me what the bore was exactly, he did say its bigger than a 480. We where even out the hole and he had me by 2 quads at the end. We ran for at least 400ft every time. The last race we where dead even and he said his clutch cable popped out :3question: whatever that means. I think it was the fact that I was in his ass and he didn't want to admit how fast my 700 is. The third and last race was against a '04 yfz bored to a true 450 with high-comp piston, p/p head, 110 octane fuel, sparks pipe and 16t sprocket. I won the race but he said his front end kept lifting so he couldn't really lauch like he wanted to ::) I couldn't tell his front end was lifting and I was running right beside him at the start of the race. The quads I raced where all built by Sanford's atv, the guy builds banshees that ran 120 in the 1/8 mile. If anyone in NC is looking for a respectable builder, shoot me a pm and I'll give you his contact information. All in all, I'm really impressed with the performance of my 3mod 700 against built 450's. I forgot to mention the first 450 I raced was set up for drag racing and the front end stayed planted on the deck every race. I told the guy's after the race how heavier my 700 was compared to their 450's so they can get a good idea of how much of an advantage they have over me. I can only imagine how my raptor would run without the skid plates and a lowering kit. I think its safe to say it takes more than a pipe/filter and cam to make the 450's faster than the 700r. 8)
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Nice!! Im in NC. I was going to get a sparks too! I am going to get the LTE's though. I am on the east coast.
sounds like you got a nice rapp. great kills man!
Rappys what part of nc are you in? I think you will be very impressed with a sparks pipe. 8)
I live in Havelock... over by new bern, morehead etc. I am going to stick with the dented LTEs.... hopefully it works out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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