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It was my first time racing one, Stock With a 90 pound rider!!
Kept lining up at the bottom of the hill first race I had him by a bike by the time we got to the top.
2nd race He got me good.. by A few bike's. It was an off and on race came down to driver I think.
I told him lets go race on the dirt road (no bumps or any thing like that) First run he got me by a bike and half ( I had a shitty start). 2nd race I got him by a bike :grin_nod: but I had to give my bike eveything she had!

So yeah there quick but not as fast as people make them out to be. I do have few bolt on's He made a remark about that, I said well my bike is an 01 (old tech)you have an 06/07 lighter then the raptor and you don't wight s***!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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