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The OEM replacement computer for the Raptor 700 is here!

Some of the functions -
- Easy to use software - www.efidude.com for free downloads
- Fully programmable fuel tables
- Fully programmable spark tables
- Boost control
- Load vs. RPM mapping
- Closed loop 02 sensing
- Data Logging for every second of run-time
- Ablility to change maps without a laptop computer
- Fuel PSI
- Nitrous solenoid driver
- Up to 15 rider specific fuel and ignition maps
- Self-tuning

This state of the art computer offers the most user-friendly software for easy
tuning and ultimate adaptability. Also, the service and support supercedes that
of any other after-market manufacturer.

We are working with and looking for numerous after-market modification companies
to develop mail-order systems for end-users in their various markets.

Installation Instructions
- Tools required = Hands
- Step 1 = unplug stock computer
- Step 2 = plug in our RaceGrade computer and start the mods...

Retail Cost -

OEM Computer $399.00

W/ 02 option $549.00

Please call for questions, comments, sales, or support.

Patrick Nichols
Technical Support/Sales
714-458-4555/[email protected]

pics coming very soon...

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Does the O2 upgrade come with sensor??

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We really need to hear dyno proven numbers such as a bike with exhaust that dyno's at 50 WHP gained how much WHP and at what RPM's from timing and proper fuel control...if you get dyno's of this you'll sell tons of them
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