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Rappy wouldnt start...(water??)

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I was doing some mudding in my rappy yesterday working on doughnuts and power slides. I hit a big water puddle and decided to take a rest after that. When I tried to start it, the neutral light was bright, I would turn on the ignition and it would get dim, then hit the start button and it would go out. I am guessing I got water in something and that was shorting out my electrical system. It finally started about 45mins later and runs like nothing happened. I have started it atleast 4 times since then and it fires right up. Any ideas?
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have you checked your battier cabels
Well I cleaned up cables, but while I was pulling the battery I noticed the bottom of it was wet. It wasnt in a puddle but it was wet enough. I dried it all out and reconnected the battery. It fired right up so I am hoping that was all it was.

Fingers crossed.
best of luck man
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