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Raptor 350 engine noise

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Hello Raptor forum.

I recently bought a barn find in the form of a Yamaha Raptor 350 YFM, 2008. It has been stationary for 13-14 years, that is, since it was almost new. When I picked it up, the cover for the stator had been removed, on the side where the starter motor is located. Why, and dor how long this had been disassembled no one knows 🤷🏼‍♂️ - I have cleaned everything, lubricated everything, changed the oil and filter, new spark plug, new battery, etc. In addition, it was missing a carburetor, so I managed to do everything else before I found a Mikuni carburetor and therefore i didnt know if it would start.

I have found the carburator, and managed to start it up. After a while, it seem to find itself, It now starts first time, but there is a sound from the engine, and I fear the worst. It's just strange because it hasn't gone more than 1800km. There is a digital speedometer mounted, where this is counted.

Can anyone hear what the sound could be and have a qualified guess for fixing it before I disassemble everything?

I will leave a link for the video with noise here:

All the best!
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350's are Noisey engines.
They all are or become that way.
If it bothers you, inspect the timing chain slack and tensioner.
If it is the starter clutch, then it would be about to fail, and I'de be suprised it hadn't already.
As there are only a few moving parts to it, and mainly the bearings inside the ring gear.
They normally work until they don't, and fail suddenly without warning.
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Is there a way to eliminate the starter clutch as the problem? Could i feel og see it if a rotate flywheel?
If you remove the starter, the ring gear on the starter clutch should spin freely, and without any side to side slack or wobble.
They tend to either work or not, as they work well, but bearing failure usually happens quickly, and they suddenly come apart and bind the ring gear.
Otherwise they can just seize up from corrosion from sitting too long.
But, it's always worth checking.
Remove the stator cover, disconnect the battery and remove the starter.
Better yet, if you have a flywheel puller, the flywheel pops off quick and easy.
The pins on clutch pliers will hold the flywheel while you remove the nut, if you don't have an impact.
Then you'll have a better veiw of the ring gear.
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