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hi evry1 im verry new to the forum seen.so plz bear with me.
this post is about my raptor 350 07 modal
iv jus completed a topend rebuild and put evrything bk togeter.i started it yesterday for the first time and it started strait away with no problems i took it for a little test drive witch proved to be verry well no nocks jus litle tapping from top end wich will be sorted with little ajustment...
the prob i av is wen i went to get it out the next day to finish off i tryd to start it and to my avail there was nothing happening no clik ov salinoid or nothing witch made me verry sad lol there is a factory fitted alarm/imoberliser witch im thinking about removing.cud that be the problem ? iv spent most the day going thew the loom to see eny falts but cant see non wen i put big scewdriver on the salonoid it will turn over but wont start can sum1 plx help me im lost thanks
eny info will b most thanked for
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