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My raptor 350 is having some starting issues. It will not turn-over, or in the rare case it does, it idles out after about 10-15 seconds.

It wasn't starting so I took of the air filter and sprayed some carb cleaner in there and it started up eventually. I rode it around the yard for a few minutes and turned it off, thinking everything was fine. Then, I noticed it was draining gas from a tube coming out of the bottom of the carb? When I tried to start it again, it made the sound like it was trying to start, but never turned over.

I connected the battery to another to make sure it was getting enough power. When I pushed the starter, it would make the sound like it was trying to turn over, but never actually started. It did start once, with full choke, but idled out.

Any ideas what is going on here? This raptor has always started right away until this came up out of no where.

Thanks in advance guys!
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