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OK, got my hands on an 01 Raptor 660 for a project that was missing the CDI Rear axle hubs, sprocket hub, and brake rotor hub. Got the rear end together and replaced the CDI. Now there are some strange issues with the quad.

Here Goes....

Key switch on, and r/s switch on with quad in neutral gives neutral and reverse lights. Reverse light will not go out under any circumstance. Going to try to bypass the reverse wire to ground later. We will see how that goes.

Nothing... at all... when start button is pressed with clutch pulled also (other than the temp light flashing corresponding to the start button).

Tested switches, (main, clutch safety, r/s) and all work as expected. checked resistance on the ground side of the wiring harness. and the u/bl wire has continuity to ground when start button is pressed under these conditions.

bypassed yellow /black wire to starter relay to + battery voltage and quad turns over when start button is pressed.


No spark at plug. New plug, wire cap at 11k ohms, primary coil at .28ohms
Guess this would break down to the CDI, but it is new, aftermarket but new.

Could I just not be getting voltage to the CDI, and where does the cdi get it's supply voltage from?

any input would be appreciated.

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Did you get an 01 compatible CDI? The 01 CDI and harness are different from 02+ CDI and harness, and they don't mix.

CDI gets power from the red/black wire which is switched on by the run/stop switch... but if you have an 02+ CDI with an 01 harness, this is your problem.

If you bypassed the yellow/black connection at the solenoid without removing the existing yellow/black wire from the connector, you may have damaged the CDI (if it IS the correct CDI for the 01 harness). In other words, if you applied 12V to the yellow/black wire that leads to the CDI...
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