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Raptor 660 won’t go past 70km/h

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My raptor 660 won’t go past 70 km/hr and is hard on gas. The clutch isn’t slipping and it has nothing to do with the reverse limiter but it still seems to be an electrical issue. @QuadManiac help me please
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I trust you more lmao. I’m pretty sure he’s got no clue what he is doing at this point. I found a guy in my area who does atv and side by side electrical work. It also turns out he is a friend of my uncle so he should have it fixed no problem.
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Let us know how that works out...
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Its not CDI or stator dammit - they have nothing to do with loss of lights. If your friend truly had any electrical knowledge he would understand this.

99.9% likely the problem is in the changed 're-wiring' that he did and most likely related to the switch that has replaced the key switch.

You can trust him or us, but not both.
Agree, Yamaha electrics aren't the best to start with, especially older models and it sounds like someone who thinks they know what they are doing has been messing about. Thinking you may have 2 separate problems with the max speed and cutting out though.
Slay one dragon at a time.
Slay one dragon at a time.
Good shout!
I've had issues with the battery terminal loosening just enough to fool me to think it was the starter solenoid, to the point I I replaced the solenoid with a new yamaha one, and removed all the connectors and cut them off and soldered on new ones - Point being, even though I bought a good battery, the terminal was the problem. That all being said, Ive also had the main harness connector to the battery also break due to age and corrosion, which left it completely dead on the trail, and required a trail side repair.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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