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Raptor Dash

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I just bought used dash for my raptor. The problem is is that I'm not sure how to mount it to my handlebars and it didn't come with any mounting hardware. I don't have a service manual and I was wondering if anyone has a manual that could reply or send me a diagram showing how it is mounted to the handlebars. Thanks, I appriciate your time.
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What type of dash? OEM or aftermarket?

If it's oem or aftermarket plastic you need to have the two tabs on the stem mounts and the rubber fittings that fit over them. Then hook the tabs on the dash into the rubber fittings and you're all set.

If it's aftermarket bolt-on type you need to remove the oem dash and hardware. Take the dash off, remove the 4 bolts holding the clamps for the bars and then use these same bolts to mount the new dash onto the top of the stem where the old clamps came off. Tighten these four incrementally and in a cris-cross pattern to keep everything level and straight. Make sure you properly position your bars by both centering them in the stem/clamp and forward/backward rotation in the clamp before you get the 4 clamp bolts too tight.

If it's a trail-tech "dash" then mount the bracket through the stem clamp bolts in either the front (away from you as you ride) or back (before the handlebars and towards you as you ride). I believe there are also ways to mount them directly to the bars. If that's your aim then I'd check around the 700 forum, there are a number of riders buying the new vapor and mounting them there.
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Sorry for my lack of details :banghead:. It's an oem dash. I can't really picture what you are talking about. What you see here is what I got when I bought the dash so it looks like I'm missing parts. Are the tabs and rubber fittings supposed to be on the small tabs that are circled in red? Thanks for your time Maddog!!

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the brackets that attach to the handlebars have rubber grommets that those plastic tabs on your dash go into. I have the mounting hardware with rubber grommets if you want them but you can probably order them at your local yamaha dealer for less than $15. good luck,

Hey fellas, sorry for the late reply. Had to go out of town for a little while. Thanks for your help, looks like I'll be heading to my local dealer here soon. Thanks.
I will sell you mine I have all 4 bolts both clamps and both rubber pieaces. there painted silver/metalic.
I sell them to you for cheaper than dealer and would help both us out as you need part and i sell it to you cheap and i need money for more raptor stuff and these clamps will always be siting around. Do you need a black dash :)? Anyways hope you get your parts and btw I find sometimes takeing off the cover and mounting back useing the rubber pieaces can be a pain in butt but thats just me.

Aftermarket clamps can be had for 35bucks and are well worth it cosmeticly speaking and maybe even material strengh / design over stock. Check out www.protechatv.com for there clamps and you can get them off ebay from them for 35bucks insted 49.99.
Thanks brotha, just pm'd you.
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