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2008 raptor 700

After I turn the key off about 2-3 minutes later the lights will cycle across the dash and the neutral light will stay on, the fuel pump will cycle and I'll hear a relay click in the back. It's like a small amount of power is still going to the ECU and after a few mins it builds up enough to do this. If I hit the starter button or brake lights the neutral light goes out but a couple mins later the process starts over again.

Turning the key on the neutral light will get a little brighter and the bike starts and runs normally.

My first thought was a bad key switch but it still does it with the key switch unplugged. Next I started unpluging electrical components one at a time to see if something was feeding back power to the ECU. The only item that finally stopped the problem was unplugging the ECU. I only get codes when I unplug something like the TPS.

I've cleaned every plug on the bike with electrical parts cleaner, blew out with air and reassembled with dielectric grease.

Except for buying a new ECU this problem has me stumped. Hopefully one of you guys can help me out Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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