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i have a raptor 660 head i had ported from my previous bike i removed it because the intake valves started leaking now i want to put it on my current bike but i want kibblewhite valves installed my question is do i have to replace the valve seats or just get a valve job done with the new valves if i do have to get new seats who can i have do this because when the seats are installed the seats will have to be matched to the port job so there isnt a step right? or can a yamaha shop do it? how much does this service cost i have the valves already(std diameter) the shop who did the porting got out of the buisness i know the guy but he sold all shop equipment and is unable to do it

ps: the head has kiblewhite springs currently for the stage 2 hotcam i had in it

also i know its my first post ive been reading info for quite some time great site so far
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