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Rear linkages ???

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I am going to order a new stadium rear shock this week and was wondering if any1 knows of any aftermarket linkages besides gt thunder. I would hate tospend that much money a shock and then find out it could have been better if i had a linkage. OHh and my derisi rebuild is for sale check it out in the forsale section.
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thanks man do u know how much ? and what are the benefits ?
ive seen it going for about 225 to 250. it supposed to achieve maximum wheel and action travel.
sorry for all the questions last one lol do you know anywhere else to get besides elka ?
I asked elka about the rear linkage when they called about having my shocks revalved. They told me it wasnt available for the 700 as of a few weeks ago. Hopefully they released the link!

i was told spring of 07 for the elka linkage on the 700
I heard that Laz at GT Thunder is making linkages for the 700.


I hope this info helps!!

Edited to add: He also revalves shocks, so if you're looking to have your YFZ fronts or rear redone, you may want to talk to him before you send them to someone else.

i have heard bad things about gt thunder so im going to stay away from them...i am defintly going to look into the houser one ....thanks for the info
ok so i called elka and houser today....houser isnt making one and the guy at elka said to call back at the end of the month to see if they come out with it....so I dont know if i wana order my stadium steup for the elka linkage caus what if it doesnt come out when they say and then the shock wont fit so no riding for me...i would order the gt thunder but there was a thread on this site and bluetraxx that it didnt make a difference and just lowered it...I dont know what do u think i should do
One of the guys I ride with has a 400EX ( too bad for him ) that has all the GT stuff. He has the 450r front shocks, has the linkage and the rear shock revalved. I think it handles great, the only thing I don't like is that the linkage sits about 1" lower than stock so he had to modify the rear skid. On a track it's great but on the ever changing trails it get's dragged over a lot of stuff you usually wouldn't notice. I'd say go after the shock for the rear and stick with the stock link, there are plenty of lowering kits on e-bay for the rear that are a lot less $$$
the main reason for getting the linkage is for more travel .... i am just worried that with the stadium it will already be lower and then another inch will be way too low
Just got off the phone with Elka they said prob a few more months for there link to come out. They also told me that GT-Thunder was a good product to go with them, :eek: but you hear all the bad feed on GT
I think GT is the only after market linkage out that claims to do something more other then lowering your quad.
Wouldn't A Rear Lowering Kit Adjusted To The Same Length As A GT Thunder Rear Linkage Do The Same Thing For Less Than Half The Price...I Think So!!
Rollin700Hard said:
Wouldn't A Rear Lowering Kit Adjusted To The Same Length As A GT Thunder Rear Linkage Do The Same Thing For Less Than Half The Price...I Think So!!
Well the GT linkage claims better wheel travel. I dont know if its true or not.
Right...But I'm Saying All The GT Linkage Is A Shorter Dog Bone...Nothing Fantcy About It Really!
True everbody says that about GT- Thunder that it just makes it lower but GT claims to give more travel and lower your quad at the same time. The other lowering linkage for sell say lowering up to 3 in. fully adjustable but for every in. lowered every in. lost in your travel. The GT linkage is 1 in. lower then the stock linkage on or quads right now. So giving you 1 in. to play with meaning you dont lose, cause the linkage was made like the 660 raptor stock if you turn it up side down it lowers your quad 1 in. with out losing travel. Dont know correct me if I am wrong about this whole thing. :crazy:
We Took My 700 Dog Bone Off And Put It On My Buddys 660 And It Lowered His Bike Around An 1" 1/2. The 700 Dog Bone Was 1/2" Shorter Than His 660's Dog Bone. Whos To Say We Didn't Just Put Something Just As Good As A GT Linkage On There??! Thats All I'm Saying?? Anyone Agree!?
I do Agree
The GT linkage claims to be 1 in. longer then the stock linkage. So I think the 660 linkage is about the same right ?????????
Did you try the 660 linkage on your 700.
Thanks for the feed Rollin :thumbsup:
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