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rear shock stock info

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The rear stock shock on a 2002 raptor has the piggy back. What exactly does the screw do? I am learning lots hear too. Thanks for your help.

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Any help here guys?

what screw you talking about bottom of back shock?

This is a reply i got from Firstraptor

""" The lower screw on the shock is compression, back it out and count the clicks so you know where you were to start. Might want to write it down since your happy with it. The upper screw is on the ressie. This is rebound, it controls how fast the shock extends. You might turn it in a few clicks to prevent the feeling that it's slapping you in the butt. A small flat blade screwdriver is needed.

Another good idea is to back both screws out all the way, counting the clicks as you go. Make notes of this and the riding conditions that the setup works for. You should also run the screws in all the way, counting the clicks again. This way you know how much total adjustment you have.
I think it's 18 or 23 clicks for the rear, not certain.
Also don't ride with the adjustment in or out all the way, it may damage the shock valveing. 2 or 3 clicks from full travel of the adjuster is safe.""""""""" Thanks first raptor for info to pass along to others.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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