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I have a 2001 raptor 660r. Stock motor with only bolt on exhaust and intake.

I lost the tranny in the dunes during Christmas break. I have decided to freshen up the motor as I find parts out of spec during the tranny rebuild.

I have disassembled the head and inpected the parts. The intake valves and Valve seats are toast, and I am not sure that the valve seats are repairable. I am assuming that they will need to be replaced. The Exhaust valve Seats are in fair condition and should be reworkable.

The Valve guides are in good condition, still round and would give .0015 clearance to a standard sized valve stem of .235. The service manual says clearance should be .0004 - .0015. So assume that they are good.

I want to have the following service performed.
- valve seats repaired / replaced. Valve seat cut to match the supplied ferrea standard sized valves. (F0181, (F0182).
- Valve guides checked and replaced if necessary

Please provide pricing and lead time.

Thank you.

Thank you.
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