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Nov 18th is the next race day at RRSD's. This will be a money race day as well as include the Test and Tune same as we did a few weeks ago. There are fast bikes from all over that are coming as well as a lot of locals. I heard rumors that Brooks will be here again with a few of his group. I have not heard if Dax will be back at this time for this saturday. He ran some good time at Sate Capitol Raceway in Baton Rouge on the 11th.

We are getting the track ready for some big changes as far as lane widening and a even longer dressed up shut down area. The plan right now is to spend the 17th prepping the track for the 18th money races. The long range weather forecast looks good so far.

The schedule so far is to start T & T at 10am and start the racing at 1pm. After the money races are done then back to open T & T until dark. This worked great the last time we did it this way.

For more information my contact information is below. For RRSD information go to www.redriversanddrags.com
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