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Hola everyone, as many raptor owners it is time to replace my One Way bearing. 2 weeks ago got stranded riding in Mexico. Stopped for a break, turned bike off and to my surpirse did not work after. Starter just spins and doe snot engage motor at all. Just can hear the starter spinning kind of like a blow dryer.

Since I will have to make the fix in Mexico I want to make sure I am ordering everything I need since I will not ifnd parts there. So here is what I have so far.

1) One way Kit L&A or 1 other brand. NOT YAMAHA
2) 52 gear, just in case the one I have is not smooth.
3) Woodruff key or timing key (No sense in leaving the old one)
4) PUlley, is there a specific one I need?
5) Some oil to make quick changes just in case there is any metal. Is there a magnet one can place or something like that to help gather the pieces.

Are there any other special tools I need.

Thanks for the help, just trying to avoid partinf it out and all of a sudden not having everythign I need.


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