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Reverse issue....... maybe!!!!

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so i went riding this weekend (all four days) and when i put it inot reverse the light kicks on so i try to back up and the motor makes this horrid whirring noise (sounds like a card stuck in bicycle spokes) then it either clunks into reverse or clunks into 1st (light turns off). it doesnt do it everytime but it did it prolly 1/2 of the times i put it into reverse. so my fan finally went on me this weekend as well. removed it with in 10 minutes (first time) and applied 12volts directly to it and no dice so i will be shopping for a new one of those. along with both upper and lower a arms for the right side (let my brother ride, never again) so was an eventfull weekend but we all know what this means...... quality time fixing the raptor....... just me, a 6 pack(#1 tool) and the raptor...... aaahhhhh good times.

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The nasty noise is the trans not getting into gear all the way. The cable adjustment is often to blame for this, I'd check it first.

My step-father let my future step-brother in-law (a mouthful I know;)) ride his Polaris 500 SP around the yard for about 10 mins, he did just under 900 dollars in damage in the 3 acre backyard.

I've made it a policy never to let others ride my machine unless two conditions are met: 1. I am confident in the riders ability to handle MY machine, and 2. it is clear to both parties that any significant damage caused will be cause for financial reimbursement.
where is this cable located?
MPTonyT said:
where is this cable located?
Check the back of your reverse knob.
it can be adjusted there? or do i need to follow it down and adjust it at another place? i noticed that if i dont give it any gas and slightly let the clutch out it will click onti reverse everytime but if i try to give it gas right off the bat before releasing the clutch at all thats when it does it.
where did you guys wind up riding at?

we rode powerline (gatlin) for 2 days and then rode off of California and Del rio for the other two days. was a great time. sorry you had to work.
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