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Hey guys.

i flipped the 700 a few days back, during a turn. I didnt scout the new area i went riding to and i hit a huge batch. Bike threw me off before i could even catch it.
Im fine.

suspension isnt though. I have prior mechanical knowledge but not savvy with suspension/alignments for bikes so i think its the steering stem, pitman, knuckle, ball joint/tie rod. But id like your opinions as this is my first rollover and id hope my last.

i bent the crap out of my handle bars, the bike rolled onto its right side. It seems like it Was gonna do another flip and thankfully it didnt and it didnt land on me, the handle bars actually caught it, and i can tell they did because they bent badly, and because the top of my brake lever housing and throttle housing are scratched up as it they touched ground at one point and the complete rollover didnt happened, it tipped back onto the side.

changed the handlebars, had to cut my fenders cause they were done for, and ordered new ones.

however. No visually bends are present on
A arms, or tie rods suspension wise or at the top of steering stem.

But this is what its doing. The bike only goes somewhat straight for a moment,
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when the handlebars/steering stem are turned to the right.
I tried inserting a video but it doesnt let me.
But what i was explaining in the video was when my handlebars are centered, the bike completely pulls to the left, bad. And as you can see the toe on the right side that i flipped on, is pointing more inward towards. I took it to a buddy of mine who works on quads for a living and he says the tie rod is straight and he thinks its the steering stem. I dont see a visible bend but i know the splines can twist and cause this.
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