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Selling Rules -- Please read!

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1) You must post a price with everything you list for sale. Fishing for offers always leaves someone getting screwed. Post an asking price and save everyone (including yourself) some trouble.

2) Don't scam people. Scammers will be banned without warning. A sale gone bad due to unforeseen circumstances is one thing, but deliberately trying to scam someone out of money or parts is another thing. Don't do it.

3) Buy and sell at your OWN RISK. We are not responsible for any sales gone bad. We hope everyone will be scrupulous and not screw anyone over, but bad things can and will happen, so just be careful.

4) No businesses! The For Sale board is for personal use only. If you are a business trying to sell one or more products, please send me a PM asking about becoming a sponsor of the forum. It's cheap and gives you some other benefits like a banner ad at the top of every page, your own section of the forum, and, of course, the ability to post your own company for-sale threads.

Thanks guys.
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