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Got 2 curves from DL700 that i tried to put in My Dynatek.

When i plug in the cable i can download the data with how many engine hours, starts, and so on.

When i try to download the maps that is in the box they wont show up.

And when i try to send new curves to the box i get a message "connection failure"

Checkt the cable with multimeter and its ok. Battery is ok too.



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make shure your engine is off and the 9v battery is full.
you can't download the current installed maps for check. only upload.
if this wont work you can try the other way without the 9v battery.
connect dynatek to pc, leave 9v battery out, switch the killswitch to "off", switch on the acc. with your key, wait 5seconds and switch your killswitch back to "on"
now you have power to program your dynatek and calibrating options.
good luck.
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