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A few years back 2nd gear blew out of my 01. I used my service manual and Raptortranny at the time for the rebuild. It wasn't too bad compared to the pictures on Raportranny. The shift forks were not damaged, nor anything else other than the dogs on 2nd. I didn't have much cash at the time for a whole gear swap, so I merely replaced the gear. Once the case halves were back in place, I tested the shifter and noticed it wouldn't change gears, at all. I checked the mechanism on the Shift Shaft and noticed those keys would not grip into the slots on that gear. I asked a service mechanic and he said it was due to the fact it was not running, and would be fine.
Turns out it wasn't. After that it never shifted right again. I would usually have to feather the cluch to get it to go into a new gear. Or even have to rock the quad back to get it to engage. Otherwise you could sit there shifting in any combination without success.
I followed the manual to the letter, rechecked the placement of the keys at the end of the Shift Shaft, and countlessly adjusted the shift lever's screw to only be left disappointed.
Right now it's just sitting unridden because the tranny really blew a few years back, bad enough that it's completely locked from just light riding. Now that I'm considering dumping money into it, I want to know why it didn't before it gets a teardown.
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