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Snapped my Durablue!

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I went to a race last weekend at a new place that just opened up close to me (finally) and I snapped my axle off on the fourth lap. I was really surprised that it broke. They have a tabletop that is 105 feet and I was progressing my way to the end so by the fourth lap I sailed a little over eighty feet and it just snapped off when I landed. I have seen it happen I just never thought it would happen to me. You couldn't have asked for a smoother landing but I guess all the shorted jumps and flat landings my axle had taken thoughout the 06-07 arenacross series finally took its toll. I sent it to durablue and they are supposed to send me another for free.
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Bummer it happened but hey, at least you are getting a new one free of charge. :thumbsup:
At least you didn't get hurt!! :thumbsup: Any pics of vid of the event?
I really thought I was going to have some pics of it because there is always a photography crew at the races who take shots and then sell them to you. I asked the lady if she got it but she didn't. I didn't crash and managed to drive it up on the trailer before the sprocket hub feel off. I ended up borrowing my buddies 450r so I could race and I finished third, but, there is alot of difference between his quad and mine.
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