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SoCal Dyno locations

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Got a 700r with LTE Duals, Pro Design intake, and PCIII.

haven't Ridden the Quad yet,But, if I rev the throtle it pops and shoots flames out the pipes.

I'mrunning the PCIII Map for my setup with the accel pump.

searched the forum pretty good.

figure the best way to get the best tune is at the Dyno.

Anyone Know of A good Dyno shop in the SoCal (San Diego) area thats familiar with the PCIII???
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I have searched high and low, and not found any competent shops. If you find one, please let me know!!!!

Im in Oceanside and need a custom map made for mine. I was on Dynojets website, and found a place called Dyno Dudes in Moreno Valley. Im calling em tommorow to see what they can do for me.

Id avoid Alba. My bike sat there for over 2 weeks. In the end they said that the Powercommander does not work and is the wrong part for that bike. AT the same time, they made a map, disconnected my clutch cable, took my boost gauge off(got it back with no explanation) and put dirty foot prints on the seat.
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