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Does it really make a difference to make the front end wider? I am looking at a set of durablue spacers that make the front aother 1.5 on each side. Will this really improve stabability? Is durablue good spacers or is there anything better? Thanks for your advice.
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Save up for wider a-arms, It will be a much beter ride and cheeper in the long run. Some people say they don't have probs with them but your adding unsprung weight to the wheels, changing the frontend geomitry which makes turning a little more difficult. Also your causing your front breaks to loose the protection that they have from being inside the rims. In the long run you'll end up adding alot more wear and tear on your spindels, hubs, bearings, ball joints,etc
made a huge difference in handaling for me
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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