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Speed Sensor Pictures?

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Looks like the Speed Sensor Pictures from the previous threads are gone again. Does anyone have these that they can post up tonight?
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Yeah...I am the one that posted them....here ya go.

JUST FYI....they have to delete the old pics every once and awhile...otherwise its gets full and know one can post anything new! :thumbsup:


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thanx boom I just cut mine what is this gonna actually do for me?..I know that this sensor retards timing after 7k right so will I be able to get some more horses at a higher rpm?..
thanks !
Can I just Tie the sensor cable or I need o cut ?
Guys DONT cut the cable !
Your gonna need to plug it back in to reset it when the check engine light eventually comes on.
Then just roll it a few feet until the check engine light goes off, then unplug again and your good for a while.
what does this mod actually do?. :unsure: :3question:
hmm... maybe something like an inline toggle switch to put in there to turn it off and on ? maybe just a stupid idea...
hmm why is this my first time reading about this in another thread today. As much as I have researched this site. Any other tricks to gain speed. I know basic 3 and 15T. Now this. I know tires. Anything else? besides engine work ported head, piston and cams?
did a search. :confused: for woods rideing this would be no benifit IMO.
I didnt search specifically for speed sensor because I didnt know about it. All the other Mod threads I've been in said nothing about this. I know its only for top speed. You dont like that? :eek:
From my searches and research I've found its a crap shoot on if your check engine light will come on, If we plug it back in and roll it to get it to come off, will it then stay off if we unplug it again?
you get approx 8hrs it changes from bike to bike and by being discount it doesnt enable the sensor to slow down your output shaft to 6500 rpm instead of the 8,000rpm you normally get in every other gear which off course will give you more mph in the top end when your close to the limit . Thats what ive made out of it anyway some people have put in toggle switches so they can just turn it on and off to reset it but im still waiting on which wire it should be connected to so far i think its the white 1 but dont quote me on that as i dont know for sure yet .
here's a manual of the trailtech vapor if you look at it you wil find how to connect it and where
Okay could someone help me out here? There are 2 white plugs in the same area a small one and a large one. I un plugged the large one and my top MPH does not change from 75-76 MPH. I un plug the small one and the quad does not run. Am I unplugging the wrong plug? is it the black plug on the actual transmission I am to un plug??? ANy help would be appreciated. I tested this on the quater mile track thats how i know these MPH numbers are accurate.
i think i may just put the toggle switch !!! :unsure:
guelph you are unplugging the wrong one if you unplug it and the quad wont start after that

you are in the right area of the quad but you need to look around for the other white plug that pulls apart, mine on my 07 was ziptied to a couple other wires from the factory
i unplugged the big white one and it does not give me anymore MPH...ill post the pic of the one i am unplugging so someone can tell me if its wrong
Here is the pic from the other thread....

this is the one i unplug and the quad runs fine but the top MPH is NO different plugged in or unplugged
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