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Re: Long time listener, first time caller…

In frame Barker Duals, "claim" to be at 94 db's with their quiet core insert...

Here in the state of PA, we need to adhere to strict db limits, state limit is at 99 db's and our Club's db limit is set at the "AMA's" db limit of 96 db's. So before I lay down 600+ smackers, I need to be sure that there claim is backed up with a promise that theirs or any other manufacturer is going to be what they said it would be [referring to their stated decibel limit, it needs to be guaranteed or your money back] if not then I will stick with my, both simple and quiet stock pipe!

Onto another subject, some peeps use Tear Off Goggles, what does a TO Goggle create while riding? LITTER!!! Even though the TO Goggle are easier to deal with for its user, less trouble overall to install and use, when the TO Goggles Lens gets dirty, the rider tears them off and it becomes litter. I use the Roll Off Goggle, these do not create LITTER, yes they are a lot more trouble for the Rider to not only install but also at times to use as well as you lose some peripheral vison but the bottomline is that these do not creat LITTER.

When you the Rider state your case to a landowner, that you ride a wheeler that has a lower noise emmision and that you the Rider use common sense practices such as RO Goggles rather then using the TO Goggles, you stand a far better chance of gaining access to their property!
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