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I follow the advice of some guy's on here and changed to the NGK Iridium CR8EIX plug. Wow, what a difference in starting. I only have about 5-6 hours on the quad and the stock plug was very dirty. When starting the quad up until the plug change it would struggle to start and every now and then die out on cold starts. With this new plug I started the quad last night in 21 degree weather and it fired right up and idled like it was warm. :eek: I changed the oil with Yahmalube 10-30 right after just for good measure.

I dont know if any of you have been having the dreaded chain/roller noise...I was going on maybe my 5th hour of riding my brand new Raptor and I hear this terrible rattling noise coming from the rear.. :mad: Sure enough, I come on here and search...The chain was slapping against the chain gaurd, followed the manual to tighten it and its all fixed. 8)

Not much of a point to this thread but other then I HIGHLY reccomend changing to the NGK plug. World of difference. Couldn't ride it much last night to see how much smoother cruising was but I'd only imagine its a little better.
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