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Synthetic Oil

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Can I use Synthetic oil. I got Valvoline 20w50 Racing formula synthetic oil. Would this be ok or not???
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No, friction modifiers bad for wet clutches...

BigBooth25 said:
Amsoil makes atv/powersport specific oils (used to be redcap but I think they've switched to something else). They have excellent quality oils. I believe AFF is what you're looking for.

Right on thats what i was looking for. just wasnt sure of the situation. buddys got a 2000 yamaha yz400 dirtbike and his clutch was slipping and he put mobile 1 in it and the clutch had never worked better and mobile 1 has friction modifiers so i was stuck in between on the whole deal. i will probally go with the Amsoil. thanks for all the advise.
i like mobile 1 synthetic 20w50 it's made for v twin's.good oil
hey home boies ive been using Archer oil it 10w30 for the entire like of my rappy its a 04 and the clutch is fine, so whats wrong with this oil again?
Amsoil is awesome, I also use Yamalube 4R synthetic 10W-50
I have been useing Bell-Ray not a prob here. has anyone tried Bell-ray Thumper its a synthic for atv. I was thinking about trying that next
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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