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THE AFTER PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, I have almost finish the Mods on the quad. I still have to install the Full Skid and the Swing arm Skid. they Are been Powder coated in flat black. I have decided that i will not be using the Nerf Bars.I desided to stay with the racing look.I'm Selling them! they are the IMS PRO SERIES powder coated Flat black. this do Not come in powder coated in black I have Powder coated my self. The only IMS Nerf bars that they come in Black are the GP SERIES.Email me if anybody is interested in them for a good price email me.They are brand new. [email protected] I'll be posting More Pictures After my trip to Glamis....


CLick on the After link to see the after pics
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click on the THE AFTER on the photobucket link to see the after pictures.
looks good!

what did u do to your headlights?
what kind of graphic kit?
nothing to the lights ! they're stock....

the graphics are Adapt Racing. you can find them at Adaptracing.com
oh, in the one pic the lights looked dark, eh maybe thats a sign i should get some sleep :crazy:
where did you get the mesh for the hood ? it looks good
it's not a mesh. It's a carbon Fiber Hood. I bought the hood,the tank cover and the bottle cover at Alba. in the pictures you can't tell that's a Carbon Fiber. I will post a better picture soon.
this picture shows a little more but still not to much.
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Here is the list of mods.... I did to it!

yosimura RS-7 Pro Series Titanium Exhaust System
power commander PC-III
Pro Design K&N intake system
CFM Performance air box
Elkas shocks front and back piggy ( comp & rebound)
Roll Design Steering Stem +1
IMS pro series Heels,Pegs,Nerf
IMS shift lever
IMS brake Lever
ADAPT racing Graphics ( BLack)
Carbon fiber hood,gas tank, and coolant bottle ( black from ALBA)
Carbon fiber warning Labels (black)
AC Grab bar (powder coated flat black)
PRM Skid plate and Swing arm (powder coated flat black)
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Love the black look...just not feeling the hood!
I think you should run the nerfs! :thumbsup:
You did an awesome job, that really is sweet..... :thumbsup:
bike is looking sweet man,i like the hood :thumbsup:
Nice...very nice! I see you painted the crummy green yosh end cap black, I painted mine before I even installed it...lol I see you have the IMS steering stem +1". I bent my stem last week and was looking at getting the IMS. I was wondering what "bend" bars are you using and did you have to change any of the cableing to complete the install. I have almost the same set up on the bars, asv levers, cycra probend composite hand guards and the renthal ATV race bend bars. Once again that is a sweet looking set up!
Thanks man, I'm using the SE ATV mid. The IMS stem is excellent. It's a little expensive but it's worth every penny. Honestly I wanted the +1 stem because the handle bars were hitting my tank, but when I talk to the retailer about the stem he told me to get the standard size and the IMS clamps will give me about a 3/4 to 1" rise. The cable was not an issue at all. When I did the install, I only remove the handlebars from the stock stem and I left the levers, hand guards, Etc. and I replaced it with the IMS stem and clamps and install the handlebar back with no problems. I got the Sep up for 360.00 the stem and clamps, shipped to my house from ATV Galaxy. Talk to Mike and I'm sure he can give you a Good deal.
Sorry man! they are not ATV MID They are HI.
Great information, I had the same problem with the bars rubbing so I machined up a 1/2" spacer. How do you like the elka's with the stock a-arms?? I'll check into ATV galaxy..... thanks again!
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