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My bike has been an ongoing, constantly upgrading, project for quite a few years. After the last trip with with crank snapping, I am ready to go to a side by side and probably keep my wife's bike around.

Its an 04, bought new, but other than the frame not much is still left:

Hot Rods +4 Stroker Crank
R6/Trinity Hybrid Clutch
10.5 to 1 JE Piston 102 mm
Drag Port and Polish
Kibblewhite Valves
KibbleWhite Valve Springs
MegaCycles X4 Cam
Trinity Port Matched Billet Intake
39mm FCR Aftermarket Carbs
K and N Filter with an open air box
12/42 Gearing
Custom Bent Dual Exhaust by Templeton's Motorsports
Powder Coated Case Covers
Painted Cases and Top End

HydroDynamics IShock +2 A-arms
+6 Tucker Swingarm (this is an 900 dollar swingarm)
+4 G-Force Axle

Powder Coated Parts
Mt Dew Green (this is a 5 layer powder coat)
Front Disc Protectors
Rear Hubs
Rear Shock Spring

Gloss Black
Steering Stem
Motor Mounts
Front Hubs
Case (engine) Covers

Other Aftermarket Parts
DG Fat Grab bar
Raptor 700 Front Shocks with Black Shock Covers
Trail Tech Oversize Handle Bars
Trail Tech Bar Clamp
Cut Duner Plastics
Pro Designs Case Saver
12/42 Sprockets

and a few pictures:

Now the obvious goal is as much $ in my pocket as possible.

I could either sell as is (whole) and hope I can find someone locally is looking for a setup like I have.

The other option is of course part out, but when I start running conservative (real world) numbers I dont see as it being that beneficial $ wise, and frankly, a bunch of work....

BUT! Here is where my over thinking gets the best of me... what about a 'partial' part out? As in return some things to stock... Thinking

Sell the fcr's for 550+a set of stock carbs
Sell the motor for 800+stocker

Maybe a few other small parts... That way I could still have a good running bike, and be able to put it on craigslist at a much more aggressive price point but it would still have the flash of the pc'd frame, cut plastics etc....

Any thoughts??
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