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Three radiators broken in my raptor 700 2017.

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Hello, I hope you are well. I wanted to ask you about a problem I am having right now on my 2017 Yamaha Raptor 700 Blaze Orange. About 4 months ago the OEM radiator on the bike started leaking coolant from a corner on the back of the radiator and all the coolant went back into the container. reserve... I thought it was from some hit with a stone or something similar and I decided to buy a larger aluminum one that is sold on eBay. Two weeks ago it began to break and a lot of coolant came out on the floor of my garage and again all the coolant was returned to the reserve tank, I decided to change it again, buy a new one from another brand and what was in the Top 5 One of the best sellers on eBay and yesterday I went for a ride and it started leaking again and obviously the coolant went back into the reserve container. The fan works because every time I take a ride I hear it come on and also in performance I only have a UNI high flow air filter and when I changed the last radiator I swapped the OEM exhaust for the Empire Industries dual exhaust. What do you think may be happening? Greetings.

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I would add a temp radiator cap so you can see what your temp is doing when you are riding. What kind of coolant are you running?
Maybe a head gasket letting pressure into the cooling system.
Not directly related to your problem;
The radiator caps with the thermometer in them are known to not be accurate.
Either an inline guage in the upper hose, or an inline sensor in the upper hose going to a Trail-Tech for accurate temperature readings.
A Cuervo early-on fan thermostat also will make it run cooler, by turning the fan on at 200 degrees f instead of 225.
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You need a fuel controller.
You have either been overheating and/or blown a head gasket.
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